In the middle of May an international interdisciplinary conference series on philosophy “Transformed Humanity in Search for Stability: Rhythms in Philosophy, Nature, Art” will occur at the University of Latvia (UL) in Riga.

The conference “Rhythm in Transformation Processes” is scheduled on 16-18 May 2024, however the conference “Rhythm – Expression – Authenticity” will occur on 22-24 May 2024. The conference series aim to conduct transdisciplinary philosophical research and discover the new overlapping horizons uniting different theoretical approaches to rhythms in perspective of transformed humanity. The conferences will be an innovative turn to the transformations of ideas influenced not only by mind and rationality, but also by rhythmic forces that shape and organize being and existence.

Philosophical search for new stability in today's fluid processes focuses also on rhythms, which uniquely show changes not only in society but also in inner constitution of each of us and our surrounding worlds. It encourages a dialogue that will allow to view rhythm within a broad discourse of several theoretical and philosophical approaches - metaphysical, ethical, aesthetical, analytical, phenomenological, hermeneutical, historical, cultural, technological, musical, covering such topics as: individual life and changes of values, power of nature and eco-philosophy, changes of rhythms and power of technologies. Researchers from Europe, Asia, Australia, America will gather in a discussion to find answers not only to the important questions of modern sciences, but also to talk about current processes of humanity, humanism, and human in the context of rhythm.

The International Scientific Committee of the conferences consists of Dr. phil. Ineta Kivle (Latvia), Dr. phil. Raivis Bičevskis (Latvia), Dr. Pascal Michon (France), PhD Lenart Škof (Slovenia), PhD Maja Bjelica (Slovenia), PhD Natalia Anna Michna (Poland) and Dr. Paul Bishop (United Kingdom).

The organizers as well as the initiators of the conference are Dr. phil. Ineta Kivle, the Leading Researcher,  Head of the Interdisciplinary Research Centre of the UL Academic Library and Dr. phil. Raivis Bičevskis, the Tenured Professor for Social Philosophy, Head of Department of Philosophy and Ethics of the UL Faculty of  History and Philosophy

Working languages: English and German.

Program of the conference “Rhythm in Transformation Processes”
Program of the conference “Rhythm – Expression – Authenticity”