Application procedure for transfer students

The academic year is divided into two semesters - autumn semester (from September till January) and spring semester (from February till June). Application must be submitted on admission platform

Application deadlines for Autumn intake 2022 for transfer students from foreign universities are:

  • Citizens of non-EU/EEA countries have to apply till 27.06.
  • EU and EEA citizens have to apply till 25.07.
  • Citizens of Visa-free countries have to apply till 27.06.
  • Citizens of countries with additional assessment have to apply till 30.05.

Application deadlines for Medicine and Dentistry study programmes:

  • Citizens of non-EU/EEA countries have to apply till 15.06.
  • EU and EEA citizens have to apply till 01.07.
  • Citizens of Visa-free countries have to apply till 15.06.
  • Citizens of countries with additional assessment have to apply till 24.04.

The deadline for transfer students who want to transfer from a higher education institution located in Latvia: the first day of the registration week of a semester (see Academic Calendar).

Transfer conditions:

Transfer students are allowed to registrate for continuing studies starting from the second semester of the study programme. After matriculation the total amount of additional subjects may not exceed 20 credit points (30 ECTS). 1 Latvian credit point = 1.5 ECTS.

Please note that the final decision if the credit points can be transferred and to which semester they can be transferred will be made by the faculty and the programme director. 

Note!  According to the curricula it is possible to transfer to professional study programme “Medicine” only till 5th semester. Most of the subjects you have already done or are studying need to be similar and containing the same or larger amount of credit points than the ones envisioned by the UL study plan.

Necessary documents (have to be uploaded on portal

1) diploma of previous education (secondary education diploma and grade transcript or undergraduate degree and diploma supplement) in original language

2) if education documents original language is not Latvian or English, a notarized translation in English must be provided.

3) grade transcript and course descriptions issued by the university that the student has attended. If the grade transcript and course descriptions original language is not Latvian or English, a notarized translation in English must be provided.

4)  CV (for postgraduate studies);

5) document confirming proficiency of the language of instruction (if necessary);

6) passport or ID

Education documents must be legalized. Find more information about the legalization procedure and the list of countries which are exempt from the legalization procedure below.

Application fee:

The application fee consists of a 100 € registration fee and a 41 € payment for the recognition of education documents by the Academic Information centre of Latvia. The application fee is non-refundable.

Recognition of documents in Latvia

Academic Recognition

Document legalization (certification of document authenticity)

All education documents submitted to the University of Latvia are sent to the Academic Information Centre for academic recognition. In the academic recognition has been defined whether the applicant is capable of continuing studies in the chosen direction and at the chosen level.

Documents for academic recognition can be submitted by applicant personally or by the staff of the University of Latvia. 

Legalization is not a notarial act. It means the verification of the signature and seal of a document.

Detailed information about legalization procedure is available on UL website

Education documents issued in EU, EEA countries or Switzerland are exempt from the legalization procedure.

The tuition fee is in the same amount as the tuition fee for students in the respective study programme and in the respective study semester.

For international degree students the visa and residence permits arrangement is under the responsibility of the Department of Study Services /Faculty of Medicine of the University of Latvia.  

Contact information for prospective students:

Department of Study Services
University of Latvia
19 Raina Blvd., Riga
LV - 1586, Latvia

Phone: +371 67034408

Faculty of Medicine
University of Latvia

Senior Expert of Study Development
Mr. Ivars Pēkainis 
Faculty of Medicine
Jelgavas Street 3 - 330, LV–1004