Center has published books of the past conferences “Jews in a Changing World” proceedings (ed. H.Branover, R.Ferber; in Russian):
  • “Jews in a Changing World-2” (1998)
  • “Jews in a Changing World-3” (2000)
  • “Jews in a Changing World-4” (2002)
  • “Jews in a Changing World-5” (2005)
  • “Jews in a Changing World-6” (2009)
  • “Jews in a Changing World-7” (2013)
Center has also co-financed publication of the enlarged second edition of the prof. L.Dribin’s book “Jews in Latvia” (2002; in Latvian) and enlarged second edition of the prof. A.Stranga’s book “Jews and Dictators in the Baltics (1926-1940)” (2002; in Latvian). Center has elaborated methodological materials on Holocaust commemoration in the Baltics (available online).