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Mobility Division - First Contact Point for Exchange Students The staff of the Mobility Division serves as representatives and advocates for foreign exchange students in dealing with Latvian government agencies, other university’s offices and departments. We are responsible for your admission as an exchange student. We make sure that exchange students obtain university’s housing. We organise the orientation course and in cooperation with Erasmus Student Network and Student Council - a variety of excursions and events for international exchange students during the semester with the participation of Latvian students. Advice and support regarding your enquiries and problems are available for you at any time. Mobility Division Raiņa bulv. 19, room 125 Phone: +371 67034713 E-mail: Head: Beāte Ramiņa Lo-Bello Contact person for incoming exchange students: Justīne Vītola Phone: +371 67034706 E-mail: Contact person for incoming
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If you need expert advice about civic engagement projects , please get in touch with the contact person of your university: University Name of the contact person E-mail address Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz Martin Becker Jyväskylän yliopisto Reija Häkkinen Latvijas Universitātes Aleksandra Kjakste Università degli Studi di Palermo Serena Sabella Universitat de València Laura Guzmán Université de Bourgogne uB FORTHEM Office Uniwersytet Opolski
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Contact person: Rita Birziņa Faculty of Biology at University of Latvia Address: Jelgavas iela 1, Riga, Latvia, LV1004, Room 541 Email: Tel.: (+371) 67033922
Cooperation among Resistance Movements of the Baltic States and their Contacts with Western Intelligence Services (1941–1945)
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information to the Western Allies about the situation in the Nazi-occupied Baltic states. Keeping contacts among the resistance movements of all three Baltic States was difficult and did not succeed because German security organizations gradually discovered and restricted them. Unfortunately, the German occupation of Latvia and the presence of the Nazi German army there together with the second Soviet occupation of Latvia after Red Army’s swift offensive in the summer of 1944 were the determining factors that suspended the desperate efforts of CCL to regain independence of Latvia. Hoping to encourage the support of the Western Allies such as, US and Great Britain and of the Scandinavian countries for the restoration of independence of the Baltic states, all three Baltic resistance movements kept close contacts with former ambassadors of these countries in Stockholm, who in turn sought liaisons with British (SIS) and American (OSS) secret services, supplying them with information
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Contact e-mail Pleaseaddress all correspondence regarding the organization of the conference to the conference email address: Postal address Baltic DB&IS'2016 University of Latvia, Faculty of Computing Raina bulvaris 19 Riga,LV-1586 LATVIA General Chair Juris Borzovs , University of Latvia e-mail: Programme Co-Chairs Guntis Arnicāns , University of Latvia e-mail: Laila Niedrīte , University of Latvia e-mail: Organising Chair Vineta Arnicāne , University of Latvia e-mail:
Main Directions
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Biodegradation studies with application to soil remediation and wastewater treatment processes Contacts Eco-toxicological testing of environmental samples in order to evaluate an efficiency and safety ofbiodegradation Contacts Development of microbial biofertilizers withimmobilized active compounds Contacts Kinetic and stoichiometric modeling and optimisation of metabolism networks Contacts Kinetic and Boolean modeling of signaling networks Contacts Stoichiometric modeling of human metabolism Contacts in silico clinical trials Contacts Industrial microbiology Contacts Food biotechnology Contacts Microbial biopolymers for food and medical applications Contacts Yeast nutritional physiology Contacts Physiology and metabolism of non-conventionalyeasts Contacts Bioconversion of dairy industry by-products Contacts Structure and function of bacterial electron transport chains with low efficiency of energy
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