If you would like to study at the University of Latvia for one semester of full academic year and then transfer your credits to your home university, you can apply for exchange studies. You can be considered as an exchange student if there is a valid student exchange agreement between your home university and the University of Latvia or between your home country and the Republic of Latvia. University of Latvia accepts exchange students within ERASMUS+, CAMPUS EUROPAE, Utrech Network (MAUI (Mid-America University International), AEN (Australian-Europea Network) and ISEP (International Student Exchange Program) programmmes, bilateral cooperation agreements with other universities and cooperation agreements between countries. 

The International Office at your home university can give you more information about the exchange programmes that your university has with the University of Latvia. 

International exchange students who plan to study at the University of Latvia for up to one year are not required to take entrance examinations. The admission decision will be made by the respective Faculty of the University of Latvia.

Visiting Student - No Student Exchange Agreement 

If no Student exchange program exists, you cannot apply as an exchange student.

You can apply as a visiting student/course attendee (non-exchange student, non-graduate student, tuition paying student). International applicants planning to attend separate courses (visiting students) are required to have completed their secondary education and must posses university eligibility in their own country. 

Your home university has to nominate you by April 15th for autumn semester/ full academic year and by October 15th for spring semester to participate in a student exchange programme in order to study at the University of Latvia. A study period abroad needs a lot of preparation, therefore, please read this information carefully. You will find the necessary information for planning your stay at the University of Latvia below.

Student Exchange Programmes

  • University of Latvia accepts exchange students within several Student Exchange Programmes (ERASMUS+, CAMPUS EUROPAE, Utrecht Network (MAUI, AEN), ISEP, bilateral agreements, agreements between countries).
  • If you are interested in Student Exchange, please, contact at first the International Office at your home university. The home university selects the candidates for Student Exchange abroad.

Once your home university has nominated you for student exchange period at the University of Latvia (UL), the UL checks if there is an existing and valid student exchange programme in your field of study. 

Please note that the faculties of the UL consider every application individually and make the decision based on the fully completed application form, enclosures and course selection. Kindly note that the UL accepts the nominated exchange students in the following cases:

  • if the faculty can offer academic guidance in the respective study field;
  • if the University of Latvia can provide with the scholarship as stipulated in the bilateral cooperation agreements (except ERASMUS+).

Required application documents (to be submitted online):

1. Copy of the passport/ID;

2. Copy of the latest Transcript of Records (in English);

3. English language approval of at least B1 level;

4. Learning Agreement

N.B. Students applying for the following faculties have additional language requirements:

Faculty of Humanities

Bachelor level programmes:

  • English, European Languages and Business Studies (English B2)
  • French philology (French, Italian or Spanish B1)
  • German philology (German B1)
  • Russian philology (Russian B2)
  • Asian studies (English B2)

Master level programmes:

  • English philology (English B2)
  • Romance studies (French, Italian or Spanish B2)
  • German philology (German B2)
  • Russian philology (Russian B2)
  • Orientalistics (English B2)
  • Translation "Latvian-English-Russian" studies - (English B2) and (Russian B2)

Faculty of Medicine

  • Medicine and Dentistry programmes: English B2

Master level programmes:

  • Epidemiology programm: English B2

Faculty of Education, Psychology and Art

  • Psychology programm: English B2


How to apply?

1. International students for Exchange studies should apply online by November 15 (for spring semester) and by May 15 (for fall semester/academic year). 

        Online application for exchange students

NB! Platform for applications (spring semester) will open from October 15.
NB! Platform for applications (fall semester) will open in May.

2. After receiving the application documents from all prospective exchange students Mobility Division contacts the respective faculties in order to receive their acceptance.

3. Around 1.5 months after the application deadline the accepted exchange students receive the official acceptance e-mails with online acceptance letters.

The academic year is divided in two semesters - in autumn semester (from September till January) and in spring semester (from February till June).

Academic Calendar