PODE 2016 - Progress on Difference Equations


Thank you very much for participating in the conference PODE2016!

Here you can download some photos from the conference

Sincerely Yours,
Inese Bula
    The 10th International Conference on PROGRESS ON DIFFERENCE EQUATIONS (PODE2016) will be held in
RIGA, LATVIA, MAY 17-20, 2016.
This conference continues in the line of other PODE workshops: Laufen (Germany) PODE 2007, Laufen (Germany) PODE 2008, Bedlewo (Poland) PODE 2009, Xanthi (Greece) PODE 2010, Dublin (Ireland) PODE 2011, Richmond (Virginia, USA) PODE 2012, Bialystok (Poland) PODE 2013, Izmir (Turkey) PODE 2014, Covilhã (Portugal) PODE 2015. This conference, held under the auspicies of the International Society for Difference Equations, aims to be a forum where researchers can share their work and discuss the latest developments in the areas of difference equations, discrete dynamical systems and their applications.