Photo: Toms Grīnbergs, UL Department of Communication

On 31 October, the University of Latvia (UL) published an advertisement for eight tenured positions in biology, medicine, physics, computer science, linguistics, philosophy, social and education sciences on the official Latvian and international vacancies websites. On 7 November, editorial changes were made to the international portal. The deadline for applications has been extended to 21 November.

The call for applications is published on, on the CV and Vacancy Portal of the National Employment Agency at and on the international portal at

In order to ensure excellence in science and the development of the UL as an internationally recognised science an research centre, to promote the quality of studies and research in this field, and to enhance knowledge in the wider society, the UL invites applications for tenure-track professorships in the following fields:

The main responsibilities of a tenured professor are to identify priority research areas and directions in a given field of science, attract the funding needed to implement the research programme, lead research projects, and participate in international consortia and projects. Equally important are the development of study programmes and courses at Master's and PhD level, the supervision of theses and raising the profile of the field of science in society.

Applicants must have a doctoral degree and experience in research or teaching, as well as in organisational work and team management. Applicants must also have a knowledge of Latvian and English at C1 level if they are resident in Latvia. For foreign applicants, Latvian language proficiency will be required if the study programme in which the tenured Professor is to lecture is conducted in the official/national language. The additional qualification requirements for each tenured position are set out in the competition regulations.

All tenured professor vacancies have starting salaries of €5600 per month before tax.

Application Submission

Applying for the competition, applicants must submit electronically by 21 November an application for participation in the competition addressed to the UL Rector, a six-year research plan, and a Curriculum Vitae indicating the applicant's scientific, educational and organisational experience, as well as reports of work results or descriptions of achievements.  

The application must be accompanied by copies of the documents certifying scientific and academic degrees.  

Foreign applicants must attach a document certifying proficiency in the national language (Latvian), if the study programme in which the tenured professor will be involved is implemented in the national language and/or the proficiency of national language is required for performance of other work duties in compliance with the Official Language Law

The tenure system has been introduced in several European countries, including Latvia. It provides for elected academic staff to be given a contract of indefinite duration upon obtaining a certain academic position, such as associate professor or professor, and meeting certain professional and scientific qualification criteria.