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Advanced MA and PhD students and young researchers are invited to participate in the Post-Covid Europe: Economic, Legal, Political Perspectives Graduate Conference (On-line), which will take place on October 7-8, 2021.

The spread of COVID-19 requires immediate policy response and future-oriented actions to reduce devastating economic and social impact of crisis and preserve sustainable growth. Since the beginning of 2020 Europe has been trying to adapt to numerous challenges caused by the pandemic. Despite initial confusion, low pace of decision making and controversies over member states’ reactions the European Union was able to pool its financial, political and human resources in order to reduce negative effects of the COVID-19. By introducing such important measures as the NextGenerationEU, the temporary financial package aimed at boosting the recovery and resilience, the EU demonstrated commitment to solidarity, unity and responsiveness to societal needs.  The measures taken by the EU institutions and member states will have short and long-term consequences.

The conference aims at analysing and debating diverse effects and policy response caused by the pandemic from economic, legal and political perspectives. Critical issues of the present are stirred up by already existing challenges – Brexit, populism, the state of democracy, migration, terrorism, climate change, decrease of multilateralism, and international shift of power.

COVID-19-related economic risks remain high, especially in the short term. Some sectors, firms, and workers have suffered lasting damage. The government support will be needed to compensate or at least reduce the economic damage. Over a longer term, the EU vitally needs considerable increase of international competitiveness, which in turn depends on productivity renaissance. An accelerated programme of investment in technology and capital, coupled with complementary investments in human capital and innovation, could raise rather sharp labour productivity growth. Investments in capital, technology, and knowledge will need to be made in sectors across the economy.  It cannot rely simply on technology sectors, but needs to be a broad-based transformation from industry to services and beyond. 

In autumn of 2021 the Europe-wide debate on future of the EU will take off. The conference organized by the FORTHEM network can be considered as students’ contribution to the on-going exchange of views, ideas and concepts. 

Eligibility: Advanced MA and PhD students, young researchers, who have a keen academic or professional interest in the topics.

How to apply? Young researchers interested in participation should send an abstract (300-500 words) and CV to sigita.struberga@lu.lv. The submission deadline is September 23, 2021. Successful applicants will be informed by September 30, 2021. The conference will take place online.


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