International Workshop "Peat and humic substances and their application"

Riga, Latvia
October 10—12, 2013
Organised in cooperation with International Peat Society Commission IV - Chemical, physical and biological characteristics of peat; Commis-sion VI - Peat balneology, medicine and thera-peutics) The conference objective is to bring together researchers and stakeholders to discuss re-cent research on peat properties and applications as well as hu-mic matter properties and peat application in balneology, medi-cine, as well as in agriculture, in short, innovation in peat re-search. A special area of interest of this conference includes ap-plication of peat, curative mud, medicine, cosmetics and balneol-ogy.
Conference topics: Properties of peat Diagenesis of peat, peat organic matter. Properties of low moor peat. Properties of sapropel. Metals in peat and in sapropel Properties of humic substances Properties of peat: elemental composition, functional , spectral characterization, Interactions of humic substances with metals and other pollutants.  Applications of peat Applications of peat in  medicine, balneology,  agriculture and technologies Applications of humic substances Applications of humic substances in and cosmetics, agriculture and technologies