Doctoral school in translational medicine is based on multidisciplinary approach towards education of students (PhD students, MD, residents).

The main research topics are oncology, prophylaxis in oncology and pre-cancerous conditions.

The doctoral school involves other higher educational establishements, scientific insititutes and clinical hospitals in research. The doctoral school plan to develop cooperation among different research fields and institutes, for example, study of economical aspects of screening, organization of biobank, as well as cooperation between University of Latvia and Riga Stradins university.

Fields represented in the doctoral study school

  • Medicine;
  • Chemistry;
  • Biology;
  • Economics;
  • Social anthropology.

Research activities

  • epidemiology of precancerous conditions and oncological diseases;
  • efffectiveness of screening of oncological diseases;
  • research on biomarkers of oncological diseases for diagnosis of precancerous conditions;
  • research on microorganisms associated with increased risk of oncological diseases (H.pylori and others);
  • genetical factors associated with increased risk ofoncological diseases and precancerous conditions;
  • research on new oncoproteins;
  • pharmacogenetics;
  • economical modelling of prophylactic activities and treatment possibilities.

Council of the doctoral school

  • Mārcis Leja, (Faculty of Medicine) 
  • Ilva Daugule, Dr.filoz. (Faculty of Medicine) ;
  • Agnese Ruskule (Faculty of Medicine);  
  • Jānis Eglītis, (Faculty of Medicine);
  • Daiga Šantare (Faculty of Medicine),
  • Simona Doniņa, (Riga East University hospital);
  • Ilze Vīberga, (Riga Stradins university).