Library of the Center for Judaic Studies was founded on many donations and acquisitions of volumes from other Jewish Studies centers. The majority of these donations were from chief Rabbi of Riga and Latvia Nathan Barkan (1923-2003), as well as from Embassy of Israel in Riga, Latvia. A financial support was provided by the Soros Foundation-Latvia. Library collection includes books, journals and other materials in various areas of Judaic Studies: Israel Studies, Judaism, Literature, Culture and the Arts, Modern Jewish History, Hebrew language, Jews in Antiquity etc. The priority is to accumulate collections on history of Latvia’s Jews and Jews in Eastern Europe, especially on Holocaust (survivors’ testimonies, essays etc.) and anti-Semitism. Library's collections are in Latvian, Russian, English, German and French. The library's holdings are regularly updated with new books, journals and printed materials.  In cooperation with the Jewish Community Center of St. Petersburg, we are receiving bimonthly publication “The People of the Book in the World of Books” and the recently published editions in Russian. Our reading room is open to the public and access to it is free. Our daily visitors are academic staff, scholars, students and people interested in the Jewish subjects. We strongly encourage that you contact us in advance of your visit (e-mail us at