UL, with its 13 faculties, 19 institutes, a large group of staff members, and a diversity of scientific areas, forms its own small, but distinctive world. Therefore broadcasting under the auspices of UL for more than 12 years, the radio station NABA is a symbol of diversity, free and alternative way of thinking, and intelligence in the Latvian radio environment. It encourages people to tune in the world and broaden their horizons. After a year of silence, on February 16 NABA returns on the new frequency of FM 95.8.

From student radio to an alternative public medium In the media environment, dominated by pop-music, there is a medium that unites different movements of alternative music and social sub-cultures, and also broadens listeners’ horizons. It encourages people to think critically and explore different cultures, fields of science, and environment. Moreover, it helps to understand the political processes in Latvia, and, most importantly, provides support and a platform for the young intellectuals – students, scientists, culture experts, musicians, etc. It is an independent medium that works by the principles of quality, and speaks freely about processes topical for different social groups. Since February 16, it is known as Latvian Radio 6 programme NABA, which has developed from the UL student radio to a public medium of culture, urban environment and alternative lifestyle, as well as become one of the voices promoting the core values of society. Having changed its frequencies and modes a number of times, the radio now broadcasts at FM 95. 8, and has internet and mobile platforms.  NABA’s existence and independence has often been on a knife-edge: in 2014 its full programme was available only on the internet, but some broadcasts were integrated in the Latvian Radio youth programme Pieci.lv. Despite the difficulties, NABA continues to develop, to maintain its values, structure, and atmosphere, and always focuses on the different. The very beginning of NABA dates back to the 1990s. At that time, many new underground and independent bands emerged on the Latvian music stage, and they searched for opportunities to be heard. Also various youth organisations were active and wanted to express themselves. In 2001, thanks to student ideas, enthusiasm, ambitions, and cooperation with the UL Student Council, a new radio station KNZ was established. Though it lasted only a year, it served as the basis for Radio NABA. The Unique Programme of Radio NABA The Radio NABA has 50 original broadcasts representing various music genres that are often avoided by other radio stations.  NABA does not care about ratings, clients, or reputation, as its main goal is to provide authentic and dynamic radio to its listener. Several weeks ago, the oldest broadcast Bitīt Matos (hosts: Dambis and Didzis Erra), devoted to topicalities in the underground music, celebrated its 20th birthday. NABA is the only Latvian radio playing many alternative music genres, such as punk, ska, heavy metal, electronic experiments, eclectic music, and even fresh dream pop. Besides, Radio NABA still prefers Latvian music. This February is marked in NABA’s history with changes in the programme, and premiere of six new broadcasts. While saying good-bye to some of the most popular programmes, the sports broadcast Olē returns on the Radio. Starting from February, also the radio instructors return in the morning and afternoon shows. The very essence of Radio NABA is reflected in its dynamic and modern programme, where many broadcasts are changed over a fortnight to ensure diversity. The new programme is available on the homepage www.naba.lv Students on the Radio Although the students who created the radio station have grown up, Radio NABA has not changed its core value and interest – student life. The broadcast Studentu pietura was created at the same time as the radio station itself, and now it serves as a platform to an entire student movement that has developed over the last three years. The diverse and always changing team of this broadcast brings together leaders of various student representative bodies, including UL Student Council and Association of Latvian Students, as well as the most active and sociable people interested in chemistry, physics, psychology, computing, journalism, politics, and other fields. To participate in this platform one does not need to have any official status or position, they only need to be willing to share their experience and give advice to other students. The topics of the broadcast reflect everything of importance - study methods, professors, topical processes in education, greatest achievements, leisure time activities, as well as information about the best parties and music bands. Tune in the world with Radio NABA! www.naba.lv