Lecture courses

The Center for Judaic Studies has organized and carried out the following lecture courses.
  1. The history of Jews in Latvia from 16 century till nowadays (Prof. A.Stranga, attracting 8 lecturers and experts in the field, a regular course from October 1998, every Academic Year participated and passed the exams between 30 - 45 students from different Faculties).
  2. Introduction into the Rabbinical Literature (Dr. I.Leitane).
  3. Introduction into Judaism (Dr. I.Leitane, Rabbi Aryeh Bekker, from February 1999 till June 1999).
  4. The History of Jewish People (till 70 C.E.).
  5. Jewish Tradition and Philosophy in the 20th Century (Dr. I. Leitane, for Master students).
  6. Introduction into Jewish culture (Prof. Rihards Kulis, from October 1999).
  7. Biblical Archaeology: Manners and Customs (Mag.Theol. Valts Apinis, a new pictorial course of lectures starting from February 2005).
  8. History of the Jews in Europe (Prof. Teresa Sanislo from University of Wisconsin ( USA ), Seminary, September 13 – December 10, 2004). Lectures at the Center for Judaic studies in collaboration with The Baltic Office of the Association for the Advancement of Baltic Studies (AABS).
  9. Biblical Legends. From the Creation of the World till the End-times (Mag.Theol. Valts Apinis, a new text-based study course from September 2006).
  10. History of the Jewish Pilosophy (Dr.Phil. Haim Ben Yakov, a course of lectures from September 2006).
  11. Introduction to basic Concepts in Jewish Theology (based on the book of Bereshit)
    (Israel Ruslan Eizenscharf, a course of lectures from February 2006).
These courses are included in the curriculum of study programmes for the students striving for the B.A. and M.A. degrees at the Faculty of History and Philosophy, Faculty of Theology, as well as for the students of other faculties at the University of Latvia, and other universities.