• Centre for the Baltic Studies
  • Centre for Diaspora and Migration Research
  • Gender Studies Centre
  • Centre for European and Transition Studies
  • Family Health and Education Centre
  • Centre of Indian Studies and Culture
  • Centre for Judaic Studies
  • Centre of  Complementary Medicine
  • Confucius Institute
  • Centre for Lithuanian Studies
  • Pre-Study Training Centre
  • Centre for North American Studies
  • Sports Service Centre

Faculty study centres

Faculty of Biology

  • Centre for Bioethics and Biosafety
  • Centre for Experimental and Aesthetic Dermatology

Faculty of Computing

  • Methodological Laboratory of Computing Studies - LINUX Centre

Faculty of Business, Management and Economics

  • Centre of Demography
  • Management and Entrepreneurship Education Centre

Faculty of Physics, Mathematics and Optometry

  • Education Centre for Natural Sciences and Mathematics
  • Mechanical Processes and Material Engineering Computer Technology Education Centre
  • Laser Centre

Faculty of Geography and Earth Sciences

  • Centre of Geography Didactics
  • Centre of Geological Processes Research and Modelling
  • Centre for Education for Sustainable Development

Faculty of Humanities

  • Centre for East Asian Studies
  • Baltic Centre for Germanic Studies
  • Centre of Bohemistics and Polonistics
  • Dienvidu un Dienvidaustrumu Āzijas studiju centrs
  • Centre for Hellenic Studies
  • Centre of Italian Language and Culture
  • Centre for Japanese Studies
  • Examination Centre for Russian as a Foreign Language
  • Latin Culture Heritage Centre
  • Centre for Applied Linguistics
  • Research Centre "Feministica Lettica"
  • Centre of Russian Studies
  • Centre for Asian Studies
  • Centre for Finno-Ugric Studies
  • Centre for Near East and North Africa Studies

Faculty of Law

  • The Legal Aid and Assistance Centre
  • Centre for Further Legal Education and Professional Improvement
  • The Centre for Human Rights Studies and Research

Faculty of Chemistry

  • Centre of Chemistry Didactics

Faculty of Medicine

  • Centre of Experimental Surgery
  • Centre of Social Pediatrics
  • Centre of Health Management and Informatics

Faculty of Education, Psychology and Art

  • IEA Latvia National Research Centre
  • Centre for Educational Philosophy
  • Multicultural Education Centre
  • Centre of Adult Pedagogical Education
  • Psychological Support Centre
  • Health and Sports Education Centre

Faculty of Social Sciences

  • Continuing Education Centre for Librarians
  • European and Political Science Information Centre
  • Centre for Cognitive Sciences and Semantics
  • Centre for Methodology of Communication Studies and Information
  • Multimedia Centre
  • Centre of Applied Ethics
  • Social Memory Research Centre

Faculty of History and Philosophy

  • German Language, History and Culture Centre