Objectives and tasks of the Centre for Hellenic Studies:

  1. to strengthen and develop research base for Greek language, literature and culture studies in Latvia by promoting the acquisition and research of both ancient and modern Greek language, literature and culture;
  2. to promote a wider, diverse and modern awareness of hellenic cultural values in the environment of Latvian humanitarian values.

Main tasks:

  1. to develop and implement research projects relevant to the Centre's objectives, to release/publish research results;
  2. to organise conferences, seminars, other activities representing the activities of the Centre and hellenic studies sub-sector of the Classical Philology, to represent work results of the UL hellenists in the conferences and seminars abroad;
  3. to organise Greek literature translation workshops and ensure that their work results are published and annual readings/discussions are organised;
  4. to offer free choice courses for the programmes accredited by the UL, as well as Greek language courses for people outside the UL;
  5. to ensure the library acquisitions for hellenic studies sector (as well as part of the provision of study programmes for Classical Philology);
  6. to involve students, includind master’s and doctoral students in the activities of the Centre, supporting and promoting their work in scientific research, translation and other fields of Greek culture related to philology.

Annual seminars

  • readings/discussions of modern Greek literature
  • modern Greek language classes

Current projects

  • “Ancient sources of literary theory and linguistics” (Aristotle's “Rhetoric”: translation, comment, study set); seminars “Rhetoric warm-up”
  • International scientific biennial conference ANTIQUITAS VIVA (in collaboration with the teaching staff and students of Classical Philology)

Head of Unit

Prof. Ilze Rūmniece