The UL Centre for European and Transition Studies (CETS) was established in 2000 as a unit of the University of Latvia. It aims to promote and support interdisciplinary academic and applied research on European issues, involving students from both EU Member States and from a number of third countries. CETS focuses on sectors, such as economics, political science, law, public administration and regional policy. CETS includes projects by Jean Monnet and Marie Curie from European Commission and provides advice to state institutions on economic and social development issues related to European integration. CETS operates as an internationally recognised forum for debate for academics, graduates and experts on current trends in European development from the perspective of the new Member States.

Objectives of the Centre:

  • to promote research and education in areas related to current situation in Latvia and future prospects in the European integration process, international relations with third countries, such as Russia, Belarus, Georgia and Kosovo, and issues related to transition process (which has yet to be launched). These are some of the main topics studied in the CETS;
  • to develop cross-sectoral and inter-sectoral activities focusing on sectors, such as economics, public administration, law, political science, sociology and regional science;
  • to support academic and applied research by setting up a research network in cooperation with state institutions, ministries and international organisations;
  • to involve post-graduate/modern research students in CETS activities;
  • to share CETS research activities’ results at the seminars, conferences, websites and through publishing working papers.

Head of the Unit