UL strategy 2021–2027


The mission of the University of Latvia is expressed in its motto Scientiae et Patriae (For Science and Fatherland).

The University of Latvia contributes to the global science, higher education, knowledge, technology transfer and innovation, and ensures the growth of Latvian democracy and culture, the development of the Latvian language and the prosperity of the national economy.



Space for excellence, environment for development, time for responsibility.

The UL is a university of science of a high international standing. The UL creates an interdisciplinary, open and excellent innovation-oriented work and study environment. The activities of the University of Latvia are the basis for the sustainable development and economic transformation of the Republic of Latvia.



People, excellence, academic freedom, academic culture, accountability to society and the state, openness and respect for diversity.

University community
The community of the University of Latvia is its main value. The UL community shares a creative, safe and inclusive study and work environment that provides opportunities for academic and professional growth.

High quality of scientific activity and studies is the cornerstone of the operation of the University of Latvia. The development of all research directions represented at the University of Latvia is of great importance.

Science-based development
Scientific achievements and their integration into studies form the basis of the international reputation and competitiveness of the University of Latvia. The UL is specifically responsible for the research on Latvia's welfare, the Latvian language, history and society, as well as sustainable development and quality of life in Latvia.

Honouring traditions, relying on the principles of equality and respecting diversity, the University of Latvia is open to innovations in academic activities, management, the use of technologies, and sustainability.

The UL is a responsible and active participant in the ecosystem of education and social environment.