The University of Latvia (UL) welcomes its new students with Aristotle celebration, which takes place on the first Sunday of September. The purpose of this festival for the new students to get acquainted with each other and embark upon the study life.

The festivities traditionally begin with a celebratory event in the Dome Square and continue with a procession of students and University leadership to the Alma Mater, Raiņa bulvāris. The celebration concludes with dancing and performances of artists popular in Latvia.

The annual procession of student corporations in honour of founding of the Republic of Latvia and commemoration of those who lost their lives in freedom fights usually gathers around 1000 participants, who walk from the University of Latvia main building in Raiņa bulvāris to the Riga Brethren Cemetery. 

As the academic year draws to its close, the UL holds the graduation ceremonies. Traditionally, they take place in the heart of Alma Mater Aula Magna (the Great Hall), and the Rector of the University presents the diplomas to alumni. Each summer (June and July), in about 40 ceremonies the diplomas of higher education are awarded to several thousand young specialists. Some study programmes conclude with the graduation ceremonies in winter, at the end of the autumn semester, conferring the diplomas to several hundreds of University students.

The schedule of graduation ceremonies is published annually in the spring.