Latin Culture Heritage Centre (LCHC) was established at the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Latvia in 2008. The Centre is a scientific unit of the department of Classical Philology, which looks not only into the heritage of the ancient Roman period, but also into Latin tradition that has developed in the territory of Latvia since the 13th century and further through humanism period. Promoting research and translation work for students, including master’s students and doctoral candidates is an important aspect of the Centre's work.

Recognising the role of Latin language in the cultural history of Europe as a whole, the Latin Culture Heritage Centre has a number of objectives and tasks.

Objectives of the LCHC:

  1. to promote scientific, educational and cultural activities related to identification and exploration of Latin cultural heritage;
  2. to raise the importance of the presence of ancient Roman cultural heritage in modern linguistic, literary and cultural processes in Latvia.

Tasks of the LCHC:

  1. to develop and implement research projects corresponding with the profile of the LCHC; to publish study results;
  2. to organise scientific activities corresponding with the profile of the LCHC; to encourage the participation of researchers of Latin cultural heritage in conferences and seminars;
  3. taking into account the potential for a cross-disciplinary approach in the identification and exploration of Latin cultural heritage, to develop and maintain cooperation and information exchange with educational, scientific and cultural centres and educational institutions in Latvia and abroad;
  4. to raise the importance of the role of Latin cultural heritage in the humanities;
  5. to consult legal and natural persons in accordance with the objectives of the LCHC;
  6. to organise translation workshops dedicated to ancient Roman texts and neo-Latin poetry and prose created in the territory of Latvia;
  7. to involve students, including master’s and doctoral students in the activities of the Centre, promoting their studies and research activities; to encourage students to translate antique and neo-Latin texts into Latvian.

Current activities:

  • Latin Culture Heritage Centre, in cooperation with the Centre for Hellenic Studies, every year participates in the European Festival of Latin and Greek (Festival Européen Latin Grec), involving students and school youth. The festival was founded in 2005 by Elizabeth Antébi. She regards the promotion and maintenance of antique cultural information and humanities as her mission.

Head of the Unit