Today, every pupil should have an opportunity to learn science and mathematics with interest, in terms of real life, through modern teaching methods with the use of e-learning tools and e-environment capabilities. Also, every teacher should become supportive counselor to make students study natural sciences and mathematics with interest and in modern environment.

The work of the UL Interdisciplinary Centre for Educational Innovation is aimed at change and development, i.e.:

  • professional development of teachers and methodological support for teachers;
  • raising pupils’ interest in choosing careers related to natural sciences and mathematics education;
  • research activities in natural sciences, mathematics and technologies;
  • promoting science and communicating with the public.

Objectives of the Centre:

  • to develop research activities and innovation in natural sciences and mathematics education and other related areas;
  • to develop educational activities and contribute to innovation in the education system and continuity and cooperation between basic and higher education, science, including different sub-sectors of science;
  • to raise pupils’ and general public’s interest in natural sciences and mathematics.

In implementing these changes the Centre cooperates with schools, universities and entrepreneurs.