University of Latvia offers two student hotels for International students: “Prima” and ”Reznas” student hotel.  There is a well-developed public transportation and it takes about 20 minutes to reach the city centre, main building of the University of Latvia as well as the Old Town.

The minimum length of stay for long term is two months and the Tenant is obligated to pay the rent for first 2 months in order to book the room.

"Prima” student hotel is located in a 9 floor building. The price depends on the number of beds and tenants living in the room. All over the rooms are combined by 2 with shared WC and shower. Namely, WC and shower are shared by 3 tenants on 6th-8th floor or by 5 tenants on 2nd-5th floor.

“Reznas” MAZĀ LUBĀNAS IELA 11, Riga, LV-1019

NB! only for exchange students

“Reznas” student hotel is located in a 5 floor building. Rooms are shared with one other tenant. Two shared WC’s, showers and a kitchen available on each floor.

How to get there?

Take the trolleybus No. 15 (runs every 5 minutes in working days; every 10 minutes on weekends and holidays). Trolleybus stop is located next to the main building of the University of Latvia. Get off at the stop named „Reznas iela” (it’s the 8th stop on route from the University of Latvia).

Riga city public transport routes and timetables at the homepage of SIA "Rīgas satiksme"

Long term accommodation:

1. International degree and exchange students should proceed with the payment for accommodation only upon the acceptance for studies at the UL.
2. The minimum length of stay for long term accommodation is two months and the Tenant is obligated pay the rent for first 2 months in order to book the room.
3. The room reservation is completed as soon as the payment is transferred to the UL bank account.
4. If there are any changes in the reservation period, send the information to the administrator (see the contact information below).
5. If student cancels the reservation or decides to terminate the contract, the first payment will not be refunded.

6.The Lease contract will be signed upon arrival at the chosen student hotel. It is also highly recommended to present a proof of payment for first two months on the arrival at the student hotel. 

Short term accommodation at “Prima” student hotel
1. This option is available only for students are accepted for studies at the University of Latvia
2. The maximum length of stay for short term accommodation is one month.
3. The payment for short term accommodation must be done upon arrival at “Prima” hostel.
4. If there are any changes in the reservation period, send the information to the administrator (see the contact information below) not later than one month before the arrival date.

APPLICATION PERIOD for incoming exchange students

For the incoming exchange students application for student hotels:

  • Autumn semester/ full year: April 15 – June 15
  • Spring semester: November 15 – December 15

APPLICATION PERIOD for international degree students

International degree students can apply for the student hotel only upon the acceptance for studies at the University of Latvia. For more information please contact International student advisor for degree studies:

APPLICATION for students of other universities

Students who have applied for studies at other higher education institutions in Latvia may apply only for “Prima” student hostel throughout the year by sending an e-mail to: But please note that University of Latvia exchange and international degree students will have the priority.

Provided services at Prima

Provided services at Rēzna 

International and safety rules in Prima

International and safety rules in Rēzna

From July 1, 2023 we have a new prices for the accommodation:

  • Rēznas - 116 EUR/per month
  • PRIMA:
    • Double room - 170 EUR/per month
    • Single room - 267 EUR per/month

Recipient: Latvijas Universitāte
Name of the bank: Luminor Bank AS Latvijas filiāle
Account: LV10RIKO0000082414423

According to the UL order of 25.02.2008. No. 1/45, the UL residence hall tenants who study at the UL must complete all the payments for residence hall rental, fines for late payment and security deposit by noncash transactions to the University of Latvia account.

(UL order of 19.11.2020. No. 1/475)

TO ESTABLISH the following classes in the University of Latvia student hotels – D1, D2, D3 and D4 – as well as the technical specification corresponding to each class in accordance with the table:

To apply the classes referred to in Paragraph 1 of the Order to student hotels at the following addresses: Buļļu iela 5, Burtnieku iela 1, Jūrmalas gatve 74/76, Mazā Lubānas iela 11, Tālivalža iela 1b, Zeļļu iela 8.






Refurbishment of the room has been completed before 2018. The room shows some wear.


Refurbishment of the room has been completed before 2018. The room shows no significant wear.  


The room is equipped with at least 6 electrical sockets, of which at least 4 are free and intended for use by tenants.  




The floor covering of the room is visually attractive, without significant flaws or damage.  




The room is provided with ventilation.





The room is adapted for stationing one or two beds.  




The room is equipped with visually attractive good quality blinds.    



The room has had a major refurbishment after 2018.    



The exterior and interior design of the room amenities is in neutral colours and shows no signs of wear.    



The room is equipped with sufficient artificial lighting to ensure comfortable stay.  




The room has an anteroom, which is visually separated from the rest of the room.      


The room is equipped with a refrigerator.





Bed without functional and visual imperfections, equipped with storage space.    



Separate desk/desk space for studies for each tenant.    



The room has a separate wardrobe or a separate area for each tenant.    



The wardrobe is equipped with a door.      


The radiator in the room has been replaced with a new one, equipped with a local thermoregulator.    



The room is equipped with a shelf for storing study materials for each tenant.      


Separate kitchen unit for cooking, food storage.      


University of Latvia Student Council (ULSC) in cooperation with University of Latvia Infrastructure Department implements the Social Programme, created to assist those students of the UL who require social support. This is an opportunity for the University of Latvia students to apply for up to 50% discount from their rental fees for lodging in the UL residence hall. To apply for a discount for a period of one semester, the student must be enrolled in full time bachelor's or master's studies at the UL and be in need of financial support. Application to the programme is open twice a year – before the beginning of the autumn semester, when the graduates leave the residence halls and the first year students settle in, and before the beginning of the spring semester. Overall, the programme can assist up to 10% of all the students living in the UL halls of residence, and after the applicants submit the documents supporting their need their applications are revised by the programme commission.

More information available upon inquiry at
University of Latvia Student Council
Tel.: (+371) 67034317


The University of Latvia has an official cooperation with real estate agency GlobalHome which has helped with housing students from 30 countries so far. The company will help you find the best place where to live in Riga taking into account best match for location/price/living conditions. Read feedbacks from students here.

If you are interested in renting an apartment and have any questions, please contact with Artūrs Slišāns by e-mail: In order to facilitate the housing search, it is suggested to send the following information:

1) What is the address of your faculty you will be studying in Riga?
2) What is your rental period expected (dates from/till)?
3) How many bedrooms do you need or what appartment are you looking for (single/2 bedroom/shared etc.)?
4) What is your expected budget (including utilities)?
6) Do you have any other specifics that we should know of (pets/elevator as a must/floor)?

The University of Latvia offers a list of possible accommodation in Riga where students can ensure their self-isolation when arriving from abroad or entering self-isolation. The list of accommodation does not include student hotels or apartments under the supervision of the University of Latvia itself, in order to comply with all the security measures for students living in student hotels.


Price for 14 nights – EUR 450, including VAT and breakfast.

Lunch – 8 EUR (a 3-course meal)

Dinner – 8 EUR (a 3-course meal)

Contacts: Valdis VANADZIŅŠ, General Manager,
tel. (+ 371) 29174516,

Hotel “Albatross”

Price – EUR 20 a night. Meals à la carte.

Contacts: Tel.  (+371) 27 748 229

Hotel “Dodo hotel”

EUR 24 – a single room with breakfast. 


Hostel “Apart Hotel TOMO”

Agreed price

Address: Raunas iela 44

Contacts: Ludmila Trofimova, tel. (+371) 24799592, email:

Hotel chain “Mogotel”

Price: EUR 26–33 a night, breakfast included in price.

Lunch – EUR 8

Dinner – EUR 8

Contacts: Guntis Nurža,

Hotel Bed&Breakfast Baznicas 33

Room type   Price of a room for 14 nights Additional bed
Double (one bed 1.80 m) 4 350  
Twin (two beds 1.00 m) 2 490  
Family room one bed 1.80m – two 1.00 m (with an option to install 2 additional beds) 4 630 140

Total of 20 beds and 8 additional beds

Meals can be offered additionally – EUR 15 a day, includes 3 meals

Hotel Janne

The hotel offers students different types of rooms for EUR 250 for 14 days, subject to availability.

The hotel rooms are fully equipped with everything required for comfortable stay.

The room has its own bathroom with a shower and also a kitchenette area with a fridge, kettle, microwave and the necessary utensils to have a meal.

Requirements from the student:

  • Making an advance payment to avoid contact with hotel staff upon arrival, as far as possible;
  • Mask covering nose and mouth, as well as rubber gloves must be worn on arrival and during stay in common areas;
  • Restricting movement through common areas for safety reasons;
  • Taking all the steps to care of one’s own health and the health of people in proximity to oneself.

Hotel does not provide:

  • catering, but it is possible to either use delivery from the shop or arrange personal delivery with the hotel staff;
  • cleaning of the room, – if the student requires room service, it should be separately agreed on with hotel personnel.

Apartments – booking and payment must be completed via Airbnb:

1. Apartment No. 1

2. Apartment No. 2

3. Apartment No. 3

4. Apartment No. 4


Open the Booking form

For further information please contact: