UL Pre-studies Training Centre (PMC) is an entity of the University wich has been working since 1957 (up to 2000 – Preliminary courses).

Our task:

  • to provide a chance for school leavers or graduates to perfect and consolidate their knowledge in the subjects of centralized school exams;
  • to help applicants prepare for centralized exams, entrance exams and University studies.

What we offer:

  • registration of application for centralized exams;
  • 8 month preparation evening courses;
  • 4 month preparation evening courses;
  • 6 and 2 month English language preparation evening courses;
  • 10 day course in drawing and painting for the study programme “Art” (“Māksla”);
  • courses for students;
  • Summer school of Latvian language and culture.


Pre-studies Training Centre (PMC) proposes courses where your can revise and perfect your knowledge in order to prepare for the centralized secondary school exams and entrance exams.

The courses are for payment, we propose subjects and you can choose one or several of them.

We organize evening courses on weekdays (18:15 – 21:05):

  • 4 month courses will suit for those who know that they know but would  like to make sure of it. You must apply in the first half of January.
  • 6 and 2 month preparation evening courses for the english language centralized exams will suit for those who are confident of themselves and their knowledge, but want to be even more confident, and who are able to focus on intensive learning. You must apply in the first half of September and you must apply in the first half of January.
  • 8 month courses will suit for serious and responsible people who want to prepare thoroughly.They will also suit for those who have already finished school and now feel ready for further studies. You must apply in the first half of September.
  • drawing and painting courses will help you prepare for the entrance exams for the study programme “ART”. We offer 10 day preparation courses. The courses begin end of June.
  • courses for students help to revise and perfect knowledge in the subjects of centralized school exams.

Centralized exams

Applicants, who have finished schools, but have not passed the exam in one or several subjects or those who would like to improve the assessement are offered a chance to take the centralized exams at the University of Latvia simultaneously with 12 year pupils at schools.

Only those who have got the certificate about finishing school are allowed to take centralized exams at the University of Latvia.

Summer school of latvian language and culture with no or little (A1+) to good (B1) prior knowledge of the Latvian language

Since 2015 the University of Latvia in collaboration with the Latvian Language Agency has been organizing "Summer School of Latvian Language and Culture" for students and other interested parties who want not only to learn and improve their Latvian language skills, but also to expand their knowledge of Latvian history, art and folklore. The students who study the Latvian Language or other Baltic languages at their home universities are particularly encouraged to apply.

We offer:

  • intensive, modern and interactive Latvian language course (grammar, reading, writing, speaking, 64 academic hours), which includes such topics as the human personality, experience, knowledge and skills, friendly contacts and time spent in Latvia, versatile and unique Riga, city tour and orientation, daily life and holidays in Latvia, Latvian traditional and modern culture, current events in Latvian media, Latvia’s and Latvians’ success stories in the world;
  • lecture on Latvian history and politics, getting acquainted with modern Latvian history and political situation in Latvia;
  • lecture on Latvian culture and art, getting acquainted with its historical development and key figures, especially, in the visual arts and architecture;
  • lecture on Latvian folklore: customs and traditions, getting acquainted with one of the most interesting forms of folklore - Latvian folk songs or dainas, by singing and dancing;
  • guided tour of Riga, visiting several museums (e.g., Museum of the History of Riga and Navigation or Museum of the Occupation of Latvia, Rainis and Aspazija House-Museum in Riga, Latvian National Museum of Art, National Library, Latvian Ethnographic Open-Air Museum);
  • a two-day trip to port city Ventspils, sightseeing (e.g., Ventspils Crafts House);
  • guided tour to Kuldiga (Venta rapid, old city).

The attendees, having successfully completed the course, are awarded 4 credits (6 ECTS).


International students can apply for the University of Latvia and Latvian state (the State Education Development Agency) scholarships.

Paying options


Address: Raina blvd. 19, Riga, Latvia, LV-1586 

VAT number: LV90000076669 

Bank: Nordea Bank Plc Latvia branch

Account No. IBAN: LV51NDEA0000082414423

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