The Eco-Council is a joint initiative of UL Student Council, Study Development and Governance Improvement Programme of UL and UL Academic Centre Development Programme.

The activities of the Eco Council are focused on the involvement of the UL in the international Eco-School programme, the evaluation and certification of the university's sustainability in similar systems, and also dedicated to the education of the UL family on sustainability issues, promotion of these topics and cooperation with students.

The Eco-Council undertakes practical initiatives to implement the Sustainable Development Strategy. One of the operative steps is to obtain the world-recognized status of the Eco-School or the “green flag” for the university by introducing practicable, lifestyle-oriented solutions, such as well-considered consumption of resources such as electricity, paper and food, changing travel habits to contribute to achievement of climate neutrality goals at the University of Latvia. Additional task of the Eco-Council is to promote co-operation with environmental organizations and institutions.

The representatives of Eco-Council:

  • Andris Sarnovičs, head of UL Administration,
  • Agrita Briede, professor at UL Faculty of Geography and Earth Sciences,
  • Kristīne Āboliņa, researcher, assistant professor at UL Faculty of Geography and Earth Sciences,
  • Renāte Kozule, head of Social Department, UL Student Council,
  • Evelīna Astrātova, member of UL Student Council,
  • Gunta Rača, director of UL Academic Centre Development Programme,
  • Inga Šķendere, director of Study Development and Governance Improvement Programme of UL,
  • Marģers Počs, director of the UL Department of Infrastructure,
  • Jūlija Stare, advisor to the rector of the UL.

The Eco-Council also cooperates with the working group of the Green University project at the UL.

Every member of the UL family is invited to contribute their suggestions to the Eco-Council.