The quality management system at UL is based on PDCA: (Plan-Do-Check-Act; Deming Circle) cycle, integrating strategic management at its core. Quality assurance systems (see Figure) are being developed to ensure the quality compliance of certain groups of services or projects provided by the UL, also based on the PDCA cycle (for example, the quality assurance system for the study fields and programmes of the UL (see figure).


The UL provides a set of actions and methods to ensure that quality is planned, implemented, systematically evaluated and continuously improved, thereby contributing to the implementation of the UL mission and the achievement of strategic goals. 

In order to achieve its strategic goals, the UL pursues the excellence approach in the actions it takes; the actions are measured, evaluated and developed in order to take effective decisions.  The UL quality management system is implemented in accordance with the principles of Total Quality Management (TQM), by integrating the excellence-oriented approach into the corporate culture of the UL.  For the implementation of the TQM approach, the UL uses an internationally recognised and applicable quality management methodology – European Foundation of Quality Management (EFQM) excellence model 2020. For the UL Quality Management System, see Figure. In certain areas of the UL, the quality management system is more detailed, with quality assurance in line with the current standards and frameworks of the sector, including The Standards and guidelines for quality assurance in the European Higher education area (ESG), in order to ensure the quality of the study process.

The UL strategic development directions, goals and intended outcomes are set out in the UL Strategy (“the Strategy”).  The Strategy was developed and action directions were identified in the light of external impact factors, the UL strengths and its opportunities for growth.  The Strategy also sets out the preconditions for the implementation of the Strategy to meet the strategic goals. In line with the identified development directions, the UL approach to quality and its commitments in this respect are  described in UL policies, including its Quality Policy and Human Resource Policy, etc.  In order to ensure the achievement of strategic goals, a plan for the implementation of the UL strategy 2027 for a period of three years is being developed.

For the implementation of the action aimed at achieving the strategic goals, the UL ensures that the management approaches and solutions are applied in line with the previously agreed policy, in an integrated management of processes and in measuring quality results.  Actions are planned, coordinated and evaluated through the development and implementation of action plans and operational activities that comply with strategic action plans and programmes (incl. approvals and orders).  A significant role is given to planned personnel development and involvement through change management. The UL Administration ensures the creation of the necessary preconditions for achieving the results, informing the employees and explaining the need for quality. 

The efficient functioning of the quality management system is ensured by regular assessment and improvement of the quality management system in place, as well as by internal controls.  The UL evaluates the results and build on the approaches and solutions implemented in view of the quality objectives of the UL Quality Action Policy. To determine the level of attainment of strategic goals, a regular strategic review is carried out on the basis of which a decision on the need for amendments to strategic goals, action plans, programmes, including indicators, can be adopted. 

The quality management system is implemented following a coordinated decision by the top administration of the UL and the involved stakeholders. Quality management contributes to the UL achievements in terms of excellence and strategic development objectives. Quality assurance systems, including the ones used in the provision of the study process, shall be part of the quality management system and shall ensure that the implementation of the processes complies with certain standards.

Quality management and quality assurance at the UL shall be the responsibility of the Rector, who shall delegate the implementation of quality management, including quality assurance, to the representatives of administration and heads of departments, and shall provide for the involvement of advisory bodies. The UL also involves each employee and student in the provision of quality management and quality assurance, both individually and with a representation in the collegial advisory bodies of the UL.

Contact information: UL Quality manager