The sports life of the University of Latvia (UL) is organised by the UL Sports Centre in the Faculty of Business, Management and Economics (Aspazijas bulvāris 5, Riga), “Elektrum” olympic centre (Grostonas iela 6b, Riga) and “Ķeizarmežš” sports complex (Ezermalas iela 30, Rīga). These are basic sports bases for UL students.

Sports life of the UL takes place at other sports bases as well: Daugava Stadium, football pitch of the Hanza Secondary School and gyms of the UL faculties.

In cooperation with the Student Council, events and competitions are organised in a variety of sports.

Students are offered the opportunity to attend trainings in basketball, wrestling, football, volleyball, floorball, general physical preparedness, fitness, frisbee, skiing, table tennis and kendo

UL appreciates the importance of sports in the growth of student’s personality.

The football team FK METTA/Latvijas Universitāte was set up in cooperation with the football school METTA. The best UL footballers play in the higher league and in the 1st league team.

Qualifying for becoming a member of the team is possible from high school age, if the pupil is able to prove himself or herself as an athlete at the appropriate level and undertakes to study at the UL later. Trainings are held in professional conditions and the football team is equipped with the necessary equipment so that players can develop their mastery and later become high-grade athletes representing Latvian national team. Other sports, especially basketball, develop in the same way.

The best athletes get included in the UL team, participating in various scale competitions – SELL games, Latvian championships, European championships, etc. The best students in the UL team have the opportunity to get tuition benefits.

A variety of sports competitions are organised every year for students of the UL. Team sports have become popular: basketball, volleyball and football. The leagues in these sports end up with final games, contests and cheerleader dance. Sports games, football evenings, aerobics marathon, minifootball cup, streetball and other events help fill students' spare time.

UL works with the following professional sports organisations: FS METTA (Football Team FK METTA/LU), VK Jelgava (women's volleyball team Jelgava/LU), FS Master (men's floorball team LU/Master).


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