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Instruction to authors
Last Update

Articles must be submitted in electronic format. Publication of all articles is subject to satisfaction of all reviewers’ requirements. Previously submitted theses (200 words) will not be published. Length of articles must not exceed 6 full pages including summary.

Articles should be formatted according to the following rules: Text redactor: Word. Font: Times New Roman. Please use single spacing between lines. Indent all paragraphs 1 cm.

Proceedings of the conference will be available only on CD.

The margin settings are to be as follows: top, bottom, left and right – 2.0 cm.

Requirements for articles
Title (14 pt, Bold, All Caps, centered)
Author’s and co-authors’ name and surname (12 pt, Bold, centered)
Institution, town and country (11 pt, Normal, centered).
E-mail addresses (11 pt, Normal, centered).
Main text of the publication (12 pt, Normal)

Article Structure

  • INTRODUCTION (Bold, All Caps, 12 pt). Aim of research, Actuality.
  • SUBTITLES (Bold, All Caps, 12 pt). Main text of the publication (12 pt, Normal). Publications must comply with the instruction for methodic or scientific articles. For methodical publications – Bibliography. Practical solutions, elaborations. (Theoretical Part. Practical Part.) For scientific articles – Methods and Materials. Results.

Tables.       (Table 1). Table titles must be written in bold in the centre of a new paragraph (11 pt, Bold, centered).

Pictures.     (1. pict.) The title of the picture must be written below the picture (11 pt, Normal, centered). All tables and pictures are to be numbered in Arabic numerals in the text (11 pt).

  • CONCLUSIONS (Bold, All Caps)
  • References – LITERATURE (Bold, All Caps, 10 pt). In the order of citation. References in text in square brackets noting source and page number [2, 34].
  • SUMMARY in English or other foreign language. Title in English (Bold, All Caps, centered). The name and surname of the author and co-authors (Bold, centered). Institution, town and country (Normal, centered). The text of summary (10 pt), Key words (Italic, 10 pt).

Publications can be written in Latvian, English, Russian or German. If the article is written in Latvian it must be accompanied by a 1 – 2 paragraph summary and key words in one of the other languages. Articles submitted in English must include a summary in Latvian, Russian or German, respectively. Acceptable formats: MS Office; Open Office. Acceptable formats for illustrations and diagrams (black and white only): TIF-, JPG-, CDR-.

The article is not to exceed 6 full pages on A4 format white paper (210x297), it should be prepared on an IBM-compatible computer in Word (Windows, doc format) and submitted by e-mail to: