The responsibility for the quality management and supervision of studies in the relevant scientific sectors and in the supervisory bodies are the Vice-rectors.

The UL Administration, when implementing its functions, manages and develops UL study programmes, organises the development of new programmes, organises regular internal and external evaluation of the quality of studies, and monitors and coordinates the implementation and development of study programmes It is the responsibility of the Academic Department to organise the preparation, evaluation, supplementing and submission of annual reports of study fields to the Quality Assessment Board of Studies Programmes and the UL Senate for approval, as well as to organise surveys of students, academic staff and employers on the quality of study programmes and study courses and analyse their results.

One of the main tasks of UL Professors shall be participation in the evaluation of the work and quality of study programmes, universities and their departments.

The quality of studies at the UL shall be managed within the administration of study fields (see Figure).

The area of responsibility of the Study Programme Director relates to ensuring the creation, administration and implementation of the study programme, the review, evaluation and development of the study programme.

The Head of the Study Field shall provide for the administration and development of the field, including the review, evaluation and planning of its development, the coordination of external evaluation of the field, as well as the promotion of cooperation between departments involved in the implementation of the study field.

The heads of faculty departments and chairs, in line with the sectors and scientific sub-sectors under their responsibility, shall participate in the development and implementation of study programmes, including the development of the content of study programmes, as well as, in cooperation with other faculty departments and department leaders, take part in the planning, evaluation and development of academic staff and in the quality assurance and assessment of their methodological work.

The academic, professional (including resident) and doctoral programmes of all levels corresponding to the study field  shall be supervised by a UL collegial administrative institution of the study field  – the Study Field Council. Its functions include strategic management, development planning and monitoring, including the provision of quality assurance and development reports, development of new study programmes and evaluation and approval of changes to study programmes.

The Dean of the Faculty shall be responsible for the organisation of the studies, economic and financial activities and record-keeping, including ensuring the functioning of the quality management system.

The competence of the Faculty Council is to approve of the decision on changes to study programmes made by the Council of Studies, as well as to evaluate quality assurance and development reports.

The collegial responsibility of the UL Study Programme Quality Assessment Board is to evaluate new study programmes, substantial changes in existing study programmes, and to evaluate and approve quality assurance and development reports, making recommendations to Faculty Council and UL Administration on the future development of the programmes. The conceptual documents governing the study process, study field self-assessment reports, etc. are evaluated and approved by UL Senate.

In the development and implementation of joint study programmes, collaborating universities shall form a joint study programme council competent for the adoption of strategically important decisions related to the implementation of the study programme and for the efficient functioning, evaluation and development of the quality assurance system of the joint study programme.