The ethical principles of LU research are determined by the Research Ethics Policy.

Studies carried out by students

The procedures for evaluating ethical aspects of studies conducted by students (except for resident and doctoral students) shall be determined by the faculty of the LU. If necessary, the LU Faculty Council shall approve the by-law and composition of the study ethics committee for evaluation of student studies.

Information on ethics committees of LU faculties can be found on faculty websites:

Research by residents, doctoral students and scientists

Depending on the type of research, the compliance of the research carried out by the academic and scientific staff, residency, doctoral students of the LU with the principles of research ethics is assessed by the LU or an external research ethics committee or other responsible institution (see scheme below). Types of research that require an approval before starting are:

  1. research with human involvement, incl. studies that process personal data or use biological samples of human origin;
  2. studies with experimental animals;
  3. studies that pose a risk to the surrounding environment;
  4. research in which there is a risk of dual use, using their results not only for the benefit of the public, but also to cause harm to the public.

! Research carried out by LU personnel in cooperation with other Latvian scientific institutions requires the opinion of only one institutional research ethics committee.

! Research carried out by LU staff in cooperation with foreign partners must receive the opinion of the research ethics committee of the LU sectoral group or another responsible Latvian institution for the part of the research that is carried out in Latvia.