Culture at the University of Latvia

The University of Latvia (UL) is a home to 10 choirs, five folk dance collectives, male vocal ensemble “Dancis”, early music ensemble “Canto”, Student Theatre, Student Wind Orchestra, folk dance collective “Dandari” and ceramics studio “Vāpe”.


The 10 choirs of the UL include five mixed choirs – “Aura”, “Juventus”, “DeCoro”, “Dziesmu vara” and Jubilate, three female choirs – “Minjona”, “Latve” and “Balta”., and two male choirs – “Dziedonis” and Prezidiju konventa vīru koris (Presidium Convent Male Choir).

The mixed choir “Juventus”, female choir “Minjona” and male choir “Dziedonis” are among the richest in tradition. The UL choirs achieve outstanding results in state competitions.

Dance collectives

Folk dance ensemble “Dancis” has a group of young dancers, as well as a group of mature participants, who have been dancing in the ensemble for more than 25 years. New concert programmes are staged regularly, shown both in Latvia and abroad.

Dance ensemble “Dancītis” brings together both young and mature participants, performing their dance programmes in various cities and towns of Latvia. 

Youth dance collective ”Pērle” enables young participants with an interest to dance to follow their aspirations by staging innovative works, as well as honouring the creations of classics in dance art.


Male vocal ensemble “Dancis” initially provided accompaniment to folk dance ensemble “Dancis”, and today it has evolved into an independent musical unit, staging concerts and performing in collaboration with well-known soloists.

Early music ensemble “Canto” is one of the rare early music bands of Latvia, enriching the music environment with early music pieces, and performs together with ensembles “Ludus” and “Ballare”.

Wind Orchestra is a collective of the UL students, who have mastered playing a musical instrument in music schools. The art director Jānis Puriņš regularly stages new programmes and conducts an active concert schedule.

Folk dance collective “Dandari” is the only folk dance group at the UL, where young, energetic dancers can express their enthusiasm for Latvian folklore and ethnographic dance.

Student Theatre is a collective of young theatre enthusiasts, led by the recognised theatre director Visvaldis Klintsons and staging at least two new plays per season, enjoying success in Latvian amateur theatre festivals.

Ceramics studio “Vāpe” under the leadership of distinguished artist Helga Ingeborga Malnbārde is a place to master the secrets of ceramic art. The participants present engaging exhibitions of ceramics both individually and in groups. The studio also cooperates with other ceramics artists of renown in Latvia.