The University of Latvia (UL) Student Business Incubator is the largest university based business incubator in Latvia. The incubator helps students and their teams of all study levels and faculties to start and develop a business, offering comprehensive support, which, for example, includes the opportunity to participate in incubator workshops, receive support from mentors and coaches, gain access to office and production facilities, and financial support in the form of grants and stipends.

Every year in October, the incubator organizes a student business opportunity festival Icebreakers.

The UL Student Business Incubator has been established thanks to the University of Latvia, the UL Faculty of Business, Management and Economics, as well as Latvian and foreign patrons, incl. Friends of the University of Latvia members, financial support. All donations from patrons are administered by the University of Latvia Foundation.

From the autumn semester of 2019, the LU Student Business Incubator implements the activities of the ERDF co-financed project No. “University of Latvia Innovation Grants for Students”.

Head of UL Student Business Incubator