The aim of the Knowledge and Technology Transfer Office (KTO) of the University of Latvia (UL) is to promote and support the transfer of innovative research results and knowledge created by the UL to the society and their usage, generally maximizing the social and economic value of the knowledge created by the UL and generating benefits for the growth of the country and regions.

The functions of the KTO for the implementation of this aim include (but are not limited to):

  • Consultations and support to the academic staff of the UL for innovative research and knowledge transfer, involvement of researchers from all branches of science;
  • Marketing of innovative competence and capacity of the UL;
  • Support of the identification of intellectual property objects at the UL, including their registration, management, exploitation, maintenance, and protection of intellectual property rights;
  • Support of the development of technological innovations up to the level of TRL 7 - TRL 8;
  • Valorization of innovative research results and created knowledge;
  • Modular informative courses for the academic and general staff of the UL on issues related to innovation, knowledge transfer, and intellectual property;
  • Consultations for Latvian and foreign entrepreneurs and the public sector on cooperation opportunities with UL researchers, research groups, and academic institutions.

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