Financial Conditions for Erasmus+ Mobility for Traineeships.

In order to carry out the mobility, the student receives Erasmus+ grant, intended for covering travelling expenses, as well as costs related to staying abroad.

Taking into account Erasmus+ funding granted to the University of Latvia (UL) from the resources of the European Commission, as well as co-financing provided by the Republic of Latvia, the UL Erasmus+ Supervisory Commission approves monthly UL grant rates for traineeship for the particular Erasmus+ project.

The actual funding for the mobility period is determined by multiplying the corresponding monthly rate for the target country with the number of months in the mobility period. If the duration is less than a full month, the academic funding is determined by multiplying the number of days with 1/30th of the monthly rate.

Within 30 calendar days after signing the Erasmus+ Grant Agreement, the UL shall pay an advance of 90% of the total determined amount of mobility funding.

The submission of reporting documents at the end of Erasmus+ mobility shall be considered as student’s request to receive the final payment of mobility funding (amounting to 10%). The UL shall pay the final payment to the student within 45 calendar days or demand a repayment of the received mobility funding (if the mobility period has been shortened).

Erasmus+ scholarships for internship at the 2021./2022. academic year

520 EUR         Bulagria, Romania, Estonia, Lithuania, Macedonia

550 EUR        Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary

570 EUR        Croatia, Slovenia, Turkey

600 EUR         Greece, Cyprus

650 EUR        Germany, Portugal, Spain, Malta

700 EUR        Austria, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands

750 EUR      France, Luxembourg, Iceland, Ireland, Finland, Sweden

800 EUR        Norway, Liechtenstein, Great Britain, Denmark