Erasmus+ mobility for traineeships provide students with an opportunity to participate in traineeship in foreign companies or institutions in an Erasmus+ programme country. The aim of Erasmus+ traineeship is to help students meet the demands of the labour market of the European Union, to provide an opportunity to develop the students’ skills (including language skills) and improve the understanding of social and economic culture of the particular country within the context of gaining work experience, as well as to promote the development of highly qualified, open and internationally experienced future professionals.

Erasmus+ traineeship is available for all level students (Bachelor, Master, Doctoral), who are registered for studies at the UL and are not in an academic leave. The students whose the UL study programme stipulates traineeship are prioritised.

Doctoral students may participate in Erasmus+ traineeship provided that its objective is the preparation of the thesis and related research.

Erasmus+ traineeship can be undertaken in foreign companies, training or research centres, as well as other organisations, except for EU institutions and bodies, organisations that administer EU programmes, and diplomatic authorities representing the students’ country of origin (embassies).

The minimum duration of a traineeship period is 2 months, whereas the maximum duration – 12 months. Students have an opportunity to experience up to 12 months long Erasmus+ study and/or traineeship mobility within one study cycle.

Erasmus+ recent graduate traineeship can be carried out and completed within 12 months after the graduation. A student has to apply within the final study year and at least 2 months before the graduation. Erasmus+ recent graduate traineeship scholarship is granted for maximum of 3 months.

The application and selection of the candidates for the Erasmus+ traineeship takes place at the respective faculty and is administered by the international coordinator.

As traineeships are not provided by the UL, the students must find and arrange a traineeship abroad (in an Erasmus+ programme country) themselves.

The most common application documents are the following:

  • CV
  • Letter of motivation
  • Foreign language certificate
  • European health insurance card (EHIC)

Each nominee for the traineeship shall fill and sign the UL Application form for the Erasmus+ traineeships and hand it (as well as any additional documents required by the particular faculty) in to the international coordinator for approval. The application form will be forwarded to the Mobility Division of the Department of Student Services.

The student has to prepare the traineeship agreement (Learning Agreement: Before the Mobility) [Contact Person - International coordinator, Responsible person at the Sending Institution - Director of your study programme at the UL], which is one of the most important mobility documents. The Learning Agreement (LA) is prepared before the mobility. Before preparing the document, discuss the objectives of traineeship and the possible credit point amount with the programme director and the host party. After obtaining all 3 signatures, save the document as PDF and send it to the Mobility Division.

The Mobility Division shall invite the student to sign the contract when all 3 parties have signed the LA.

  • Check your e-mail regularly

During this period, it is highly important to check your e-mail daily in order to make sure that no piece of important information is missed, and to respond to the received e-mails in a timely manner.

  • Sign the Erasmus+ Grant agreement

After sending the LA to the Mobility Division, wait for an invitation for a meeting in order to sign the traineeship contract.

  • Fill in the EU Academy Language Placement Test

All Erasmus+ students must assess their foreign language skills by using the Online Linguistic Support EU Academy before their mobility period. The access to the Language Placement test is provided by the Mobility Division.

  • Formalities to be completed

In order to successfully complete all of the commitments with the UL before participating in the Erasmus+ mobility for traineeship, the student shall complete the following formalities:

1) fill in an application addressed to the Dean for traineeship abroad, submitting it to the secretary of your study programme;

2) register for the current study semester at LUIS during the registration week, if the traineeship starts at the beginning of the semester;

3) pay the tuition fee for the current semester in accordance with the payment schedule of the UL study contract.

  • Arrange insurance

It is mandatory to obtain the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)accident insurance and liability insurance covering losses caused by the trainee.  

  • Inform the Mobility Division and your international coordinator about starting the traineeship upon arriving at the host institution;
  • Submit the Traineeship Midterm Report to the Mobility Division via e-mail on the date noted in the Erasmus+ Grant agreement;
  • Prepare the ERASMUS+ Learning Agreement (During the Mobility), if necessary, and send it to the Mobility Division via e-mail.
  • Inform the Mobility Division  at least one month before the official end of your mobility, if the mobility period needs to be shortened or extended so that the grant agreement can be amended.

Within 30 calendar days after the end of the mobility period, the student shall submit the following reporting documents to the Mobility Division:

If you have any questions about Erasmus+ mobility for traineeship and its terms and conditions, as well as the submission of reporting documents, please contact the Mobility Division of the Department of Student Services, scheduling the time of appointment in advance.

Contact person:

Beāte Ramiņa Lo-Bello
Head of Mobility Division
19 Raiņa Blvd., Room 125
Phone: +371 67034713