Doctoral study programme "Computer science and mathematics (Mathematics)"

The aim of the doctoral study programme "Computer Science and Mathematics" is to prepare highly qualified specialists for independent work in the fields of computer science and mathematics, higher education and the economy. The programme is based on the experience of European Union countries in the implementation of doctoral level studies, priority scientific fields recognised in Latvia and the traditions of academic education existing at the University of Latvia.

The compulsory part of the doctoral study programme consists of studies and the elaboration of the doctoral thesis (literature analysis, research, presentation of results at conferences, preparation of scientific publications), a general skills module, doctoral examinations, as well as participation in the doctoral schools of the University or equivalent experience. The compulsory part is 178 CP.

The restricted elective part is 14 CP and consists of theoretical courses relevant to the Mathematics sub-programme, such as Category Theory and its Applications, Solvability in Algebra, Fractal Geometry, Paradigms in Mathematics and others.

The potential job market for graduates of the programme includes academic work in Latvian universities (LU, RTU, DU, LLU, LiepU, VeA and others), research work in institutes (LU MII, EDI, and others), as well as work in national economy companies (Accenture, Emergn, Tilde, White-cryption, etc.) and public administration (Bank of Latvia, Central Statistical Office). In all these places, a thorough knowledge of computer science and mathematics is useful. The young PhDs trained at the University are highly ranked in research organisations in the EU and other countries. (For example, PhDs in computer science trained by the University have worked or are working at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the USA, the University of Bristol in the UK, the University of Bozen-Bolzano in Italy, Aalesund University in Norway and elsewhere abroad).  In the economy, graduates of the DSP "Computer Science and Mathematics" will be of interest to companies creating innovative products and technologies. This includes both large companies trying to occupy more technologically sophisticated niches (e.g. Accenture) and highly innovative SMEs (e.g. Tilde, which is actively involved in pan-European research programmes in language technology). It can be argued that the current demand from academia, business and public administration far exceeds the number of PhDs trained and the labour market will not be saturated in the foreseeable future.

Full-time regular studies: 4 years / 8 semesters  
Tuition fee per year (ac. year 2024/25) – EUR 6400
Scientific doctoral degree Doctor of Science (Ph.D.) in Natural sciences

Previous academic education:  Master's degree in Computer Science, Master's degree in Mathematics, Master's degree in Engineering, Master's degree in Computer Science or Information Technology, or higher qualifications equivalent to these Master's degrees; Master's degree in another discipline with work experience in Information Technology or Mathematics; successful completion of the entrance examinations.

General conditions