Russian Language Courses

The registration for the Russian language courses takes place after the first meeting with the lecturers. All classes take place at the Faculty of Humanities (Visvalža 4a):

The first meetings with the Russian lecturers take place:


Wednesday, 7 September, 14:00, room 108, Visvalža 4a (levels B1 and B2)

Thursday, 8 September, 10:30, room 202, Visvalža 4a (levels A1 and A2)


Teacher Jelena Sevastjanova (levels A1 1, A1 2, A2 1) - Thursday, 8 September, 10:30, the room will be specified before the meeting

Room 202.

assist. prof. Jelena Marcenko (levels B1, B2) - Wednesday, 7 September, 14:00, room 108.

Level A 1 1 (beginners) course is planned on Tuesdays and Thursdays 10:30-12:00 (two classes a week).