Russian as Foreign 3rd level (В1) Part 1 – 4 credit points, course code Valo2401

Objectives of the course are to develop students’ ability to keep up communication in Russian in everyday, sociocultural and educational spheres. The course activates students’ skills in speaking, reading, listening, writing, extends the volume of lexical items, complements and deepens knowledge on Russian grammar and perfects skills to use the mastered grammatical structures at expression of different intents, acquaints with actual information about Russia. The course consists of 8 topics. Mastering of a topic supposes the prosecution of vocabulary and grammar, acquaintance with texts, audio and video records. The topics of the course give ability to repeat, extend and activate studied before, to go back to the difficulties for foreigners at mastering of Russian (use of different cases, use of perfective and imperfective of the Russian verbs, use of verbs of motion, etc). At classes authentic materials are used.

At completion of the course students can understand subject and basic ideas of reports on topics which typically arise up at work, studies, leisure, etc by eye and by ear, can keep up communication in the typical situations of everyday life; can describe the impressions, expound the opinion, make a report on the acquainted or interesting topic.