The objectives of the Centre for North American Studies:

  1. to disseminate knowledge of North American science and culture;
  2. to provide an opportunity to get familiarised with theoretical and practical studies of scientists from North American states in different scientific areas;
  3. to involve North American researchers and teaching staff in the dissemination of knowledge and information in Latvia on a variety of topical scientific issues both in North America and the world;
  4. to develop models of public education in order to introduce adults, youth and children to general democratic, national development and other issues, with the use of experience of North American states;
  5. to help disseminate information and knowledge about the society, politics, nature, economy, culture, history and education in North American states;
  6. to provide opportunities to acquire practical knowledge in business, politics, communication and education by organising different teaching activities;
  7. to exchange information and cooperate with North American specialists in the development of curriculum and programmes and in the development of organisation of study process;
  8. to promote research projects with the participation of North American and Latvian researchers in order to ensure the implementation of current studies and to help implement modern research methods in Latvia.


Viesturs Pauls Karnups