The uniqueness of the Master's Degree Program in Sports Science in the University Latvia is justified by its interdisciplinarity, as it involves several groups of science disciplines - groups of medical and life sciences, social and legal sciences, as well as branches of exact sciences. The program offers three possible areas of specialization to choose from: biomechanics and neuroscience; sports and exercise physiology and biochemistry; sports psychology and public health.  


First year
Biology of sports loads; Biomechanics of human movements; Personality and differential psychology in sports; Visual perception: methodologies and approaches; Epidemiology; Cardiorespiratory function research methods; Methods of assessment of mental functions; Developmental psychology; Personnel development methods.

Second year
Health psychology; Motion control systems; Adaptation to endurance and resistance loads; Periodization and monitoring of the training process; Sports medicine; Basic skills of innovative activity; 3D visualization solutions in modeling training loads.



Graduates can work in sports and exercise science and sports medicine research and medical centres, in the health education, publicē health and health management institutions; sport agencies and associations; sports federations; sports medical rehabilitation centres; sports universities. As qualified speciālists , to work in cooperation with eksperts in other fields: food technologists (creation of new functional food products), with engineers (new measuring devices) with specialists in computing science (acquired sensors, computer programms, training methods, including load modeling and simulation devices, virtual reality), etc.

2 years
Tuition fee per year - 2600 EUR for EU/EEA/Swiss citizens, permanent residence permit holders and their family members
State -funded study places - 1
Master`s Degree of Health Sciences in Health and Sports Science

Bachelor's degree in Science or Computer Science, or Bachelor in Social Sciences degree in Psychology or in Sports science, or in Sports pedagogy; professional higher education in Medicine or Bachelor's degree in Health Care

General rules (here)

Competition evaluation calculation formula: weighted average grade (35 x 10 = 350) + finals total (or average) grade (30 x 10 = 300) + entrance examination (1 x 350 = 350)