The programme offers a higher academic education in chemistry as one of the fields of fundamental natural sciences. Intended for students who want to become high-class specialists in chemistry and compete in the labour market, or continue their studies in doctoral programme.

The aim of the academic master's study programme “Chemistry” is to provide students with in-depth theoretical knowledge and competencies in the main basic branches of chemistry and in one of the selected sub-branches, as well as to develop and improve research skills.

The main tasks of the programme:

  • to provide an opportunity to acquire general comprehensive knowledge and skills in the basic directions of chemistry and to provide an understanding of the development of the chemical industry, creative and innovative activities;
  • to provide in-depth knowledge and skills in any of the selected chemistry sub-sectors (analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry);
  • to ensure the performance of scientific research;
  • to develop high professional ethics;
  • to enhance general skills (communication skills, work organization, self-organization skills, etc.);
  • to provide motivation for further education and improvement of professional qualification.

Programme Director

The students of the master’s study programme “Chemistry” acquire:

  1. Mandatory part, which involves comprehensive mastering of the basic chemistry courses, as well as scientific research, which is summarized in two course papers (26 CP) and a master's thesis (20 CP);
  2. Limited elective part, which is divided into two sections:
  • study courses according to the chosen sub-field: Analytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry (24 CP). When starting their studies, students choose a sub-field;
  • free elective courses (10 CP). Students can choose courses that expand their knowledge and skills in the chosen sub-field, as well as select courses in the mandatory or elective part of other sub-fields. Thus, there are opportunities to acquire courses in Medical Chemistry, Bioanalytical and Pharmaceutical Analysis, Forensic Chemistry, etc. 

The graduates work in various scientific research institutions, chemical and pharmaceutical companies, quality control laboratories, forensic laboratories, environmental protection services and educational institutions, as well as in various companies related to chemistry and natural sciences: joint stock company “Grindeks”, joint stock company “Olainfarm”, Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis, Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry, Latvian Institute of Aquatic Ecology, Institute of Food Safety, Animal Health and Environment “BIOR”, and others. The graduates can also pursue doctoral education in Latvia or abroad.

2 years, – the total of 4 semesters, 80 credit points
Tuition fee per year - 2600 EUR
For admission in the autumn semester of 2023/2024 – 40 budget-funded places.
Master of Natural Sciences in Chemistry

General conditions

Previous education:

Bachelor's degree in natural sciences or equivalent second level professional higher education (or equivalent higher education) in natural sciences, food technology, pharmacy, including qualification of a teacher of natural sciences.

Competition result calculation formula: weighted average grade (60 x 10 = 600) + total (or average) grade of final examinations (40 x 10 = 400).