University of Latvia and University of Daugavpils: common doctoral programme in history and archaeology

Degree to be achieved: Doctor of Science (Ph.D.) in History and archaeology
Standard period of study: 3 years
Type of studies: Full time (3 years)
Amount of credits: 144 credit points or 216 ECTS
Language of instruction: Latvian and English
Study programme is accredited until 30.06.2023

The study programme consists of two parts:

Part A (Compulsory)

106 credits

This includes the elaboration doctoral thesis,  including academic publications in history and participation in international conferences in history (88 credits over six semesters), three doctoral examinations (12 credits), history teaching in higher education institution (6 credits) ;

Part B (Limited choice)

38 credits

This part includes “Doctoral Seminars in History” (total 12 credits), Participation in one or more doctoral school (6 credits). It also includes theoretical courses from University of Latvia and University of Daugavpils such as “Myth in History of Latvia” (4 credits), “Alternative History” (4 credits), “Philosophy of History” (4 credits),, “Problems of History of Ideas” (4 credits), “History of Archaeology: from Modern Age Antiquarianism till Contemporary Non-Destructive Research Methods” (6 credits), “Theoretical Archaeology” (6 credits),  “Oral history as a means of shaping the image of national history” (2 credits) etc.



After successful completion of the Doctoral Study Programme, a PhD student will have acquired the following competences:

  1. Understands current methods of research in history science, including in the context of his/her research topic
  2. Understands and applies present-day achievements in Latvian and international historiography
  3. Understands theoretical problems of history science and its solutions
  4. Independently defines and critically analyses problems of research in different levels of education
  5. Finds scientifically based decisions solving problems of history science and defends his/her opinion
  6. Accomplishes current methods in history research, determines the most relevant methods for research
  7. Integrates results of research in university study courses and in supervision of students thesis, including doctoral level
  8. Publishes results of research in internationally recognized, peer - reviewed academic journals in Latvia and abroad, in national and international academic conferences,
  9. Performs socially and academically important research independently, critically and responsibly, promotes innovative solutions into research procedures
3 years (full time) or 4 years (part time)
Doctor of Science (Ph.D.) in History and archaeology

Contact persons for more information about the programme:

Programme director:
Dr. hist. Gvido Straube

Programme secretary:
Dr. hist. Jānis Taurēns