Visa required to enter Latvia

Since you need visa to enter Latvia, you will need to apply for the long-term visa at the Embassy of Latvia before coming to Latvia. Please contact the International coordinator Alise Buligina to receive detailed information regarding the territorial competence for visa issue of Embassies of Latvia as not all countries have an Embassy of Latvia and not all Embassies are issuing visas. 

How to apply for long-term visa?

Step 1.  Contact the International coordinator Alise Buligina and submit a reference which confirms student status at the home university (if you haven’t uploaded it together with the other documents when applying for the exchange studies). Alise Buligina will provide you with an invitation for visa (you will receive an invitation number). Please note that in the invitation the visa will be requested until the end of your study semester/academic year. 


Step 2. Go to Embassy of Latvia, show the invitation number and submit the following documents:

  • copy of passport (valid at least 3 months after departing from Latvia); present the original;
  • completed and signed D-visa application form;
  • 1 photo (34 mm x 45 mm) with a white background. Photo cannot be older than 6 months;
  • valid health insurance (need to be valid for the whole Schengen area for the whole period of stay in Latvia; the minimum amount insured for D-visa is EUR 42 600);
  • document confirming necessary subsistence (minimum 620 EUR/month): if you receive scholarship, you need to provide a document that confirms that you receive the scholarship (usually it’s issued by the Mobility Division); if you do not receive any scholarship- you should provide a bank statement (in English) confirming that you have sufficient financial means to live in Latvia for the whole period of your stay, i.e., 620 EUR multiplied with months that you will spend in Latvia (e.g., 620 EUR x 5 months= 3100 EUR). Original copy must be presented with a signature and stamp + credit/debit card affiliated to your bank account;
  • original of the Acceptance letter prepared by the Mobility Division confirming that you are accepted for exchange studies at the UL;
  • document confirming your accommodation address in Latvia. Students who stay in UL student hostel will receive a document provided by the MD. Students who stay in the flat need to receive the Lease Agreement signed by the flat owner.  Please double check that the person who signs the agreement is the owner or is authorised to sign it.

Step 3. Wait for the decision and go to Embassy of Latvia to receive visa in your passport.

Step 4. Bring or send a scanned copy of your visa to the Mobility Division