The University of Latvia Academic Library (founded in 1524) is one of the oldest libraries in Europe, a repository of historic memory, which also forms the contemporary cultural space, provides base for studies, and serves as an essential source of cultural and historical research implemented by the UL institutes and faculties. The total stock of the UL Academic Library comprises 3.3 million units of information resources. Its collection of manuscripts spans the period from the 13th century to the present day. Misiņš Library, a separate and eminent part of the UL Academic Library, founded in 1885, is the most complete repository of Latvian literature in the world. Library’s information centres are open to new ideas and expand bilateral relations in the fields of education, science and culture, linking Latvia and Austria, Switzerland, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Belarus and Uzbekistan.


Dr.h.c.philol. Venta Kocere