By decision of the Senate of the University of Latvia (hereinafter – UL) of 20 December 2018, the Centre of Indian Studies and Culture of the UL and Complementary Medicine Centre of the UL were reorganised by establishing the UL International Institute of Indic Studies (hereinafter – Institute). The Institute is a basic academic unit of the UL for organizing fundamental and applied research in the medicine and humanities sectors, as well as for promoting the academic exchange of students and university lecturers between Latvia and India.

The objectives of the Institute are as follows:

  • to promote research on India-related issues, develop and implement educational programmes, scientific research in Latvia, India and other countries;
  • to consolidate and support the activities of the UL teaching staff and students in the field of Indic studies;
  • to attract projects by offering them a single location, shared infrastructure and publicity;
  • to raise Latvian public awareness about modern Indic science, culture, business and politics;
  • to organise research and education activities;
  • to create and maintain a database on activities in Latvia related to Indic science and culture.

Studies and research directions

The Institute conducts research in traditional India-related scientific fields (traditional medicine, yoga, music, languages, etc.) and implements the professional development programme “Fundamentals of Ayurveda Education” and various continuing education and lifelong learning programmes – languages (Bengali, Hindi, Persian (Farsi), Sanskrit), yoga, Indic classical music, etc.


Dr. med. Valdis Pīrāgs