The Latvian Pharmacy Students Association (LFSA) is a structural unit of the Latvian Pharmacists' Association (LFB), which unites Latvian university students and college pharmacy students voluntarily for 3 years after graduation.

The main goals of the LFSA are:

  • to take care of general and vocational education of pharmacy students
  • to defend the interests of pharmaceutical students and to enhance the professional prestige of the pharmacist

The main tasks of the LFSA are:

  • discuss issues of interest to pharmacy students
  • express the views of pharmacy students at LFB and educational institutions
  • to organize educational and entertaining events for pharmacy students
  • to join and collaborate with international pharmaceutical student organizations

We organize educational events - workshops on topical issues (homeopathy, tuberculosis, diabetes mellitus, etc.), as well as participate in congresses organized by the European Association of Pharmacy Students (EPSA) and in mobility exchange programs, where we welcome students from abroad.

The LFSA invites students to go to the theater together, take interesting excursions and take part in other interactive activities.

The main benefit of participating in LFSA is the opportunity to express yourself, participate in various events, as well as expand your circle of acquaintances both in Latvia and abroad!


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