To obtain the rights to use certain intellectual property objects, the University of Latvia (UL) offers non-exclusive licenses for one year with the possibility of extension, available to practically an unlimited number of users. The UL detemines license fees according to the commercial potential of the object in the respective market segment.

Professional building energy efficiency calculation tool HeatMod had been developed in the framework of the project No “Development and approbation of complex solutions for optimal inclusion of capillary heat exchangers in nearly zero energy building systems and reduction of primary energy consumption for heating and cooling” implementing activity “Industry-driven research” of specific objective 1.1.1 “To increase the research and innovation capacity of scientific institutions of Latvia and their ability to attract external funding by investing in human resources and infrastructure” of the Operational Programme “Growth and Employment”. The study had been conducted by the Institute of Numerical Modelling of the University of Latvia.

HeatMod is designed in accordance with the regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers of 8 April 2021 No. 222 "Methods for calculating the energy efficiency of buildings and rules for energy certification of buildings" and related 52000 series LVS EN ISO standards. Heat balance calculations for heating and cooling are performed using the seasonal or monthly method. Data generation required for the building's energy efficiency certificate is provided; automated data input into the Building Information System ( is possible.

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