General psychology

Perceptual grouping

Perceptual grouping studies, in which regions and parts of the visual scene belong together as parts of higher order perceptual units such as objects or patterns. Studies include psychophysical experiments and objective analysis of visual attention (eye tracking). 


Ilze Ceple
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General psychology, other subgroups of psychology

Development of tests for psychological assessment, adaptation of psychological tests. Psychology of intelligence/ cognitive abilities. Development and adaptation of diagnostic tools for learning disorders.

Theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of human intelligence, original development or adaptation of psychological measurement tools - tests, surveys or other tools - necessary for research in this area, incl. computerized tests. Development and adaptation of tests of educational achievements to assess specific learning disabilities in accordance with the requirements of the classifier of violations SSK-10/11.

Malgožata Raščevska
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Social psychology

Measurement of political, social, economic attitudes. Construction of competence assessment tools.

Socio-psychological research specializing in the study of political opinions, as well as in the development of tools for assessing competence.

Ģirts Dimdiņš

Social psychology, Other subgroups of psychology

Work and organizational psychology: research methods, work-life balance, work performance, employee wellbeing, aging

Theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of work and organizational psychology, research in the organizational environment - using tests, surveys or other tools. Specialization - research and intervention in the field of work-life balance, labour productivity, employee well-being.

Sanita Šaitere
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Work and organizational psychology: stress, burnout; self-efficiacy; work involvement; job satisfaction; employee wellbeing

Theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of work and organizational psychology and counseling psychology, in-depth expertise in conducting theoretical and practical research in various environments using various research methods.

Anda Gaitniece-Putāne
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Clinical psychology

Abuse psychology. Human sexuality. Influence of virtual reality. Adaptation of psychological assement tools. 

Theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of clinical psychology, in-depth expertise in conducting theoretical and practical research in various conditions, using various research methods, as well as in cooperation with other branches of science.

Laura Pirsko
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Clinical psychology, pedagogical psychology, other subgroups of psychology

Test construction, adaptation, validation. Development of digital testing tools. Perception. Reading. Psychometrics. Interdisciplinary clinical research. 

Development, adaptation and validation of tests. Creation and testing of digital testing tools. Preparation of materials for literacy activities and pilot testing of their effectiveness. Creation and implementation of an experimental design for perception studies. Creation of interdepartmental, international and interdisciplinary project applications, management of the preparation of consortium project applications.

Solvita Umbaško
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Educational psychology, other subgroups of psychology

Transversall skills assessment and development (problem-solving skills etc.)

Adaptation and testing with computer-based tests of problem solving, executive functions, and cognitive abilities.

Liena Hačatrjana
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Interdisciplinary research about various students' skills, abilities and academic achievement

An interdisciplinary research of the skills, abilities and achievements of students from the point of view of psychology and education.

Liena Hačatrjana
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General psychology, experimental psychology, other subgroups of psychology

Visual and spatial perception, visual-spatial thinking, crossmodal perception and integration of other areas of perception (olfactory, tactile)

Experimental comparative studies of visual, spatial and visuo-spatial processes linking visuospatial processes with individual differences and clinical disorders. Processes of perceptual organization, geometric and topological perception of forms, as well as connection with the processes of regulation of emotions. The study of the interaction of various senses (crossmodal perception), as well as the analysis of less studied areas of perception (for example, smell, touch).  

Jurģis Šķilters