Data Processing Systems and Computer Networks

Identifying important concepts for a specific domain

Application of the ONTO6 methodology using the 6K framework (who, where, when, how, what, why) to identify concepts, determine the interactions between objects corresponding to these concepts and determine the functionality of the objects. The ONTO6 methodology is founded on a semi-formal meta-ontology.

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Localisation of ICT or commonly used terms

Creating new terms in Latvian for both the field of information and communication technology, as well as for general everyday use.

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Circuits and Signals

Global navigation satellite systems

Application of Global navigation satellite systems in different sectors of the economy: all types of transport, surveying, geodynamics, seismology, monitoring of buildings and structures, etc. Establishment and maintenance of GNSS reference networks, calculation analysis of coordinates, planning and and execution of GNSS measurements in the field, development and approbation of methodology for equipment testing.

Ingus Mitrofanovs 

Systems analysis, modelling and design

Analysis and modelling of social and economic systems

Analysis and modelling of socioeconomic processes, using advanced data mining methodologies and algorithms, provides an opportunity for objective evaluation of processes, selection of key performance indicators and discovery of mutual causal relationships.

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