Doctoral Study Programme "Education Management"

“Education Management” is sub-programme of Doctoral programme of "Economics and Business".

The purpose of the doctoral programme is to prepare highly qualified researchers, industry and organization leaders, as well as academics capable of developing independent research, obtaining scientifically original and proven results, thereby demonstrating their competence in research, organization and management in educational development and innovation challenges; to prepare highly qualified professionals with internationally comparable competencies. and an internationally comparable Doctor in Science degree.

The sub-programme  “Education Management” ensures the renewal of the academic staff in higher education institutions and opportunities for graduates to work as heads of educational institutions and their deputies, as well as graduates to pursue careers in civil service and other education-related organizations


Students learn research methodology, theoretical concepts and the latest research methods.

Develops independent original scientific research using the latest methods of analysis and data processing, obtaining scientifically original and verifiable results; presenting research results at international scientific conferences and seminars; to prepare and publish scientific articles on the results of scientific research.

Full time studies - 3 years. Amount of credits: 144 credit points or 216 ECTS  
EU/EEA/Swiss citizens and their family members, Long Term Resident EU: Full-time - 2500 EUR per Year, Part-time - 2500 EUR per Year. Other сountry citizens: Full-time - 5000 EUR per Year, Part-time - 4000 EUR per Year
Doctoral Degree of Science Doctor of Science (Ph.D.) in Social Sciences
  1. Master’s degree in management science, economics and business, or comparable education.
  2. Master’s degree in other social sciences, education sciences or comparable education, for person with at least two years of professional experience in management.
  3. Master’s degree in other natural sciences, engineering sciences or comparable education, for person with at least two years of professional experience in management.

Entrance examination (interview) with all applicants. In entrance interview applicants are ranked according to the total number of points they receive. The applicants shall submit motivation letter. Ranking results are used when assigning budget places to the applicants.

English language proficiency.

The programme will not be open for admission for the Autumn intake 2023/2024.

European Qualifications Framework (EQF) level: Level 8

International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED) level: Level 8

Accreditation: the program is accredited until 30.09.2027.

ERASMUS+ exchange possibilities

UL full-time students, regardless of their citizenship, have the opportunity to apply for the ERASMUS + exchange program for studies or/and traineeship.  

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ERASMUS + study mobility 
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