© Photo: Toms Grīnbergs, University of Latvia Department of Communication

University of Latvia invites prospective international students to submit applications for studies at the University of Latvia. For academic year 2024/2025 there are 15 bachelor level, 16 master and 15 doctoral level study programmes available.

Currently there are more than 1000 foreign students studying at University of Latvia. To complete admission successfully, one has to pay attention to application deadlines, which can vary depending on the country of residence.
Full list of study programme offer with admission requirements and all other relevant information.

For bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral study programmes, the citizens of non-EU/EEA countries and citizens of visa-free countries must to apply until 20.06.2024, however, if you are an EU and EEA citizen, your application must be submitted until 23.07.2024. Citizens of the countries with additional assessment must submit their applications until 16.05.2024.

The University of Latvia also provides two professional study programmes – “Dentistry” and “Medicine”. Those interested in acquiring one of these programmes, are welcome to submit their applications until 16.06.2024 (citizens of non-EU/EEA countries and citizens of visa-free countries), or until 01.07.2024 (EU and EEA citizens). Citizens of the countries with additional assessment must apply until 28.04.2024.

If you have additional questions about admission procedure, you are welcome to inquire via e-mail studies@lu.lv or telephone (+371) 67034708 or (+371) 25456011.


My experience studying computer science at the University of Latvia has been nothing less than extraordinary. The University of Latvia's dedication to staying at the forefront of technical breakthroughs is one of its distinguishing characteristics. Curriculum is carefully created to include the most recent developments in the industry, ensuring that students are ready to take on difficulties in the real world. Students studying computer science have access to excellent facilities and resources, giving us the tools, we need to succeed in our studies. 

Aidar Mukushev, Bachelor of Computer sciences (Kazakhstan)