On September 15th at 18:15 at the University of Latvia, Faculty of Computing, Room 18, Raiņa bulvāris 19, Riga the scientific evening “Digital Transformation and Development of IT Solutions” with a guest lecture “Management Cockpit – a Central Control Platform for Digital Transformation” by Prof. Dr. Armin Roth (Reutlingen University), a presentation “Development of an IT-Solution for an Automated Monitoring of Urban Heritage Objects” by Prof. Dr. Vladislav V. Fomin (Vilnius University) and a presentation “Monitor Walls to Visualize Large Amounts of Data” by Prof. Guntis Arnicāns (University of Latvia) will take place.

Nowadays, we operate on vast amounts of data, not only doing different computations to process them but also visualizing the results, therefore the scientific evening will be a great opportunity to get acquainted with several data visualization solutions. Prof. Roth's presentation will outline and bring closer various elements of the “Management Cockpit”. Prof. Fomin will report on a university-led project to develop an IT solution for automated monitoring urban heritage objects. And Prof. Arnicāns will talk about monitor walls – a technology to display a more significant number of pixels.

Dr. Armin Roth is a professor of Management, Business Analytics and Digitalization at the Reutlingen University. There, he has held several positions in the last years: from 2002 to 2006, Prof. Roth was a Director of the program 'Business Informatics' and shortly after he was a member of the supervisory board of the university.

Dr. Vladislav V. Fomin is a professor at Vilnius University and a visiting professor at the University of Latvia. Prof. Fomin’s research interests involve organizational innovation, digital infrastructure development, technology standards and standardization, technology strategy, and policy.

Prof. Guntis Arnicāns started his academic career at the University of Latvia in 1993. He has been Director of the program 'Computer Sciences' and Dean of the Faculty of Computing. His research interests includes software engineering, software testing, and artificial intelligence.


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